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RE: Dream Looping Mixer

> > First, in a perfect world, what would you fantasy mixer be 
> able to do?

My personal dream is "no mixer at all" and I think I'm there now ;-)
After a lot of experimenting and thinking I have managed to wire my stuff
into a small rack with no mixer. The short description is that my EDP and
Akai filter bank live in the Repeater's effect loop.  Two inputs are always
available, either the instrument I'm playing or a vocal mic. The master
output of the system is the Repeater output.

This minimal set-up has the feel of an instrument that allows you to
improvise freely without having to think twice. The trick in setting it all
up was to leave out a lot of options so that you can make music with what
you keep at hand.

All the best

Per Boysen