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Re: adrenalinn storage problem

I've spoken to someone there when I got my eprom upgraded.  (the first  
one had a MIDI sync issue) and they were super nice.  It might be  
something as simple as a little battery in side.

good luck,


On Friday, July 11, 2003, at 05:50 AM, goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:

> >>It's tricky, you've got to press the button and press it again or 
> something... if you haven't heard a little "beep" then it hasn't  
> saved. 
>   I remember it being tricky.  I don't have one any longer so that's  
> all 
> I know.  Keep pressing buttons until it does what you need.<<
> ok, now I know enough to write to roger; the thing's definitely  
> busted. it beeps, but doesn't save. I know what it used to do when it  
> was working, and both it and me are doing the same things now with a  
> different result- lost edits.
> how annoying- I love the thing apart from this.
> d.
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