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RE: headphones

i'm using iem's that are molded to my ear.
they provide 25db of isolation and can get loud enough to
cause hearing damage if you are not careful. (a limiter is
basically mandatory).  they cost about ~$700, though...

you can get the one-size-almost-fits-all foam ones much cheaper 
but you won't get as much isolation, and they are not quite 
as comfortable.

i haven't played a live gig with them yet, but i have heard
there can be a bit of a disconnect with the audience.
i've worn foam earplugs at shows and didn't have that problem,
so i'm not going to worry about it.

for drummers, i don't think that would be a problem,
since they are busy drooling out of the side of their
mouths anyway...

> i think IEMs are the proper solution...anybody got a 
> particular pair they like.  i'd like to spend no more than 
> 200 bucks, preferably less, but i don't want to buy total crap.
> -jim