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(affordable) stereo (live) looping?

Dear loopers,

Please pardon my naivete.
I'm looking for something that will let me do looping
in stereo.  That's all I want; I don't need any extra
features (harmonization, reverse...whatever).  I'd
like about 15 or more seconds.    Does anyone have any

I'd imagine that I could buy two EDP's and sync them,
or I could even buy something from Eventide, but I'm
not willing to pay that kind of money right now.  I
guess I'd like to stay below, say, $1200.  I could
easily buy two mono pedals like the ones from Akai or
Line 6, but how to operate them reliably in tandem?

Reason as I ask is, I have a really great guitar
pickup (TranceAudio Amulet) that does wonderful stereo
output and I'd hate to lose that if I wanted to
"loop."  I'd also like to run my vocals through the
looper, and it just would make sense to just send the
stereo "effects sends & returns" from my mixer through
the looping hardware.  (I do solo shows.) 

I do have a Mac G4 laptop with an M-Audio Quattro
interface, so I'm open to software solutions...
provided the latancy is realllly low and I can somehow
get some kind of foot controller for it. 

Many thanks,
Austin, TX
(used to live in Berlin -- sorry I missed the
Loop.pool show! :-(  )

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