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RE: Drum loops...how do you do it?

> How would you guys approach this?

I used to have a groove box (MC-303) midi clock slaved to my loopers and
whenever I felt a need for some drum beats I could simply bring the
"drums fader" up on my mixer. But I even found that too complicated
because I hade to almost stop playing for a couple of seconds now and
then to change drum pattern. I thought about this for many weeks without
coming up with any solution. Then I tried to record my favourite beats
to the Repeater's CFC card. But this wasn't a good solution either
because I always forgot about it and erased the groove loops from the
CFC card when emptying the Repeater between my songs. Then I suddenly
got the best idea I've had for a long time: human beat boxing! You don't
really have to be extremely good at beatboxing to lay down a two bar
drum pattern with a mic and a compressor into your looping device. Now
I'm practising with a new rig set-up where I constantly have the "drums
mic" ready (parallel to other instruments) so I can put drums into a
loop while I'm recording another instrument. Another good thing with
this is that it's more visual for the audience than any electronic

Best wishes

Per Boysen

> Hi all,
> I'm using drum loops in my live gig. I COULD just get a drum 
> machine and program up a bunch of patterns and use what I 
> have with that, but sometimes I like to drum something out on the fly.
> I first started with the Roland SPD-6, which just has sounds, 
> and midi output. I then exchanged that for the new SPD-S 
> sampling drum pad. It's got cool stuff. I will let me create 
> a loop and then resample to a wav. But it has some 
> dissapointing limitations:
> 1) I can't change the tempo of that wave, I don't think even 
> if I resample it again.
> 2) It doesnt' send MIDI clock, so I can sync a looper with 
> it. I'm forced to record to the looper if I'm doing rythmic overdubs.
> Those are the two that stick out. There may be more, but I 
> can't think of them now.
> How would you guys approach this? I want to be able to tap 
> out rhythms if I want to, but I want to be able to have the 
> midi clock output so my looper can sync to it.
> Thanks,
> Paul
> Paul Sanders
> Email: paul_sanders@adelphia.net