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Re: Drum loops...how do you do it?

On Sunday, July 13, 2003, at 02:57 PM, Per Boysen wrote:

>> How would you guys approach this?
> I used to have a groove box (MC-303) midi clock slaved to my loopers 
> and whenever I felt a need for some drum beats I could simply bring 
> the "drums fader" up on my mixer. But I even found that too 
> complicated because I hade to almost stop playing for a couple of 
> seconds now and then to change drum pattern

I used to suffer anxiety about this too, until I realized that I was 
playing TOO damn much.  I started listening to the people I really 
liked and I was amazed at how little would change in the music for long 
stretches of time.  Especially dance music.  It was hard to let go at 
first, but I actually think my music has improved because of it.  Now I 
play less, but try harder to make it count.  I also find playing the 
"dj" a bit mixing up my beats using the MC-307 (or now the XL-7)'s 
groovebox capabilities in conjunction with an AirFX and a KAOSS pad is 
really fun and helps keep my guitar playing fresh.  Crescent fresh.

You could do the human beatbox thing, and that's very cool if done well 
but it's not going to give you the range of cool noises todays 
grooveboxes can.  I think both are cool and valid if used separately or 
together.  Right now I'm using a combination of sequenced drums and 
MIDI keyboard triggered drums sent to the Repeater.  These enter the 
loop and often fade after a while, replaced by new stuff.  Nice 
changing rhythmic landscape.

Mark Sottilaro