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Buy one EDP, get the 2nd for half price!

Of course, for $1600 you don't get just a stereo pair, but the (far more 
interesting, IMO) option of two totally independent loopers, and two 
syncable loopers.

Also, what would the price have to be on two EDP's for you to buy them?  

Consider, Gibson doesn't sell direct.  It's a pain in the ass, it costs 
them money, it would irritate their dealer network.  If they cut you a 
deal on two EDP's, I predict it'd be about thirty seconds before "Re: Mega 
Group EDP Buy!" mails start flooding the list.  Who's pocket does the 
discount come out of (because it has to come out of someone's)?  Gibson's? 
 The dealer?  Do you have to buy them as a package, or if you've ever 
bought one do you get the discount?

If an EDP street price is $800, and you want $600 off for buying two, how 
much do you think the dealer is making per unit?  How much is Gibson?  
Everyone wants more for less, but some wants are more reasonable than 


(Speaking as someone who's bought three EDP's over the years)

Mark said:
> $1600 for a pair to get a stereo looper is way over priced IMO.  I 
>really would 
>advise Gibson to either make a stereo version of the EDP or give a 
>really good "buy one, get the second at half price" special.