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Re: How Many Delays, synced and unsynced

Hi all,
 Great thread!  I am using for my live Acoustic solo rig the EDP into a 
Lexicon MPX110 into the Repeater with an Alesis AirFX in the FX loop.  So 
many ways to mangle the sound!.  I currently use the new Furman pedal 
board (just got it) with my Rock Band.  I plug into the Furman which then 
sends to my Morley Volume/Dist/Wah into the Boss RC-20 then into the Boss 
DD20.  I like using the unsynced loops with my drummer because his timing 
changes when distracted and I can kill them quick if needed.  The dd20 
works great for on the fly looping when building up layered solos'.

Great day to all!