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RE: (affordable) stereo (live) looping?

At 09:13 AM 7/15/2003 -0700, Greg House wrote:
>--- Catilyne <catilyne@icicle.net> wrote:
> >
> > Well, in light of the different mods out there for the Jamman or 
> > I'd also wondered if there were any possibility for asking/harassing 
> Line 6
>But, you must remember that the people doing those mods were the original
>developers of those products (no longer employeed by the company), and 
>mods were only available after the products were discontinued.

Okay.  Well, we've got the 'discontinued' requirement down.  Now all we 
have to do is track down the developers.  Oh yeah, then we need to get 
fired, so they'll have an incentive to work independently on mods for 
us.  <*large evil grin*>

So, I figure that in reality there's not much chance of their working out 
something, then.  Not to menion that the Echo Pro engine is probably based 
on a lot of the same code as the DL-4 (which is probably one contributing 
factor why everything is collapsed down to mono for the looper).  Since 
DL-4 is still in production, I would imagine we don't have to worry about 
starving devs for quite a while.  ;)

> > Although it sounds as if Mark actually tried to explore that 
> > and ran up against a brick wall.
>I think that was Eric.

(D'oh!!!!  Sorry Eric!)

>But I wonder who the person he talked to at Line 6 was
>truly reprentative of their attitude toward this. There's a vast 
>between talking to the person that designs and maintains the firmware on 
>the box
>and some minimum-wage flunkie they might have hired to man the telephones 

Hard to tell.  I've worked as a Support Engineer in a call center before, 
and it really can be hit-or-miss.  Sometimes you'll talk to a 
gear who's interested in solving your problem, but other times you'll get 
complete flunky who is talking completely out of his a** just to get you 
off the phone and get him closer to his weekly paycheck.  And, of course, 
sometimes you manage to get 'the new guy'.

However, like it or not, the Support guys are generally the 'gatekeepers' 
to Devel, and this has two immediate implications.  By being around the 
developers they sometimes do pick up actual information or attitudes and 
let that trickle out of the organization to you, the customer.  In the 
other direction, they're there to filter any information getting from you 
back to those same developers (remember: those guys are hired to write 
code, and if they were in direct contact with every member of the user 
they'd certainly go into information overload.  At the very least, they'd 
never get a moment to produce a line of code.)  So, if you're able to get 
one of the Support guys on your side, you may have a ghost of a chance of 
having your idea carried upstairs.

Ultimately, it depends a lot on the company and its corporate culture 
though, and it's hard to predict without some intimate knowledge of the 
company.  Otherwise, you're stuck trolling trade shows like NAMM or the 
MusikMesse to see if the appropriate guy just happened to make it down.  :P


"i want to reach my hand into the dark and *feel* what reaches back"