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RE: (affordable) stereo (live) looping?

--- Catilyne <catilyne@icicle.net> wrote:
> At 09:13 AM 7/15/2003 -0700, Greg House wrote:
> >--- Catilyne <catilyne@icicle.net> wrote:
> > >
> > > Well, in light of the different mods out there for the Jamman or 
> > > I'd also wondered if there were any possibility for asking/harassing 
> > Line 6
> >
> >But, you must remember that the people doing those mods were the 
> >developers of those products (no longer employeed by the company), and 
> >mods were only available after the products were discontinued.
> Okay.  Well, we've got the 'discontinued' requirement down. 

Is the Echo Pro discontinued?? The Line 6 website still lists it as a 

> Hard to tell.  I've worked as a Support Engineer in a call center 
> and it really can be hit-or-miss.  Sometimes you'll talk to a 
> gear who's interested in solving your problem, but other times you'll 
>get a 
> complete flunky who is talking completely out of his a** just to get you 
> off the phone and get him closer to his weekly paycheck.  And, of 
> sometimes you manage to get 'the new guy'.

Exactly my point.
> However, like it or not, the Support guys are generally the 
> to Devel, and this has two immediate implications.  By being around the 
> developers they sometimes do pick up actual information or attitudes and 
> let that trickle out of the organization to you, the customer.  

Now, this implies that the support people actually HAVE some contact with 
developers. This is not always the case. I worked in support at a major 
company and the development happened in a totally different part of the 
and my only contact with the developers was through email, and even that 
happen very often. It was primarily "write up a problem report" if you 
found a
bug. Oftentimes the CUSTOMERS would have more contact with the development 
then we would.

> So, if you're able to get 
> one of the Support guys on your side, you may have a ghost of a chance 
> having your idea carried upstairs.

Again, this implies that the support people have some say in the product
features. Frankly, I don't think this happens at most companies. 
Development orgs
and support orgs tend to be totally segregated.

> Ultimately, it depends a lot on the company and its corporate culture 
> though, and it's hard to predict without some intimate knowledge of the 
> company.  



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