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RE: Repeater and sync from midi in

> I've got a Repeater now and am trying to sync it to a drum machine.
> I select MIDI as the sync source, and the tempo seems to lock 
> fairly well from the drum machine, but when I record the 
> audio of the pattern from the drum machine, the playback 
> sounds wierd and contorted. Not DISTORTED so much, but just 
> out of whack, not like the actual patter sounds.
> I'm not sure what's going on with this. Anyone experience 
> this? Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Paul

Hi Paul,

It's always a bit wobbly the first time you record a loop. I guess it
simply cannot calculate tempo, keeping up sync and record at the same
time. The workaround is to define the looplength first by recording
silence. Then you can go back into recording mode and record audio
without that wobbling, flutter effect ;-). 

Best wishes

Per Boysen
---> www.boysen.se
---> www.looproom.com
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