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Re: Buy one EDP, get the 2nd for half price!

2 EDPs does not really get you stereo. It gets you close, but it's
reportedly unreliable with threshold recording (I've got to go play with
this and see just how unreliable) and you need to play games to get the
feedback pedal to work right. You get two independent loopers that work as 
stereo pair except for some functions.

On the other hand, the work to fix the "broken" functions is probably
manageable if you know you've got two of them in the same box, but just how
manageable I leave to the experts on the EDP hardware.

Now, whether you fix the issues or not, one savings in doing a dedicated
dual EDP is that it potentially only needs one set of controls and one set
of MIDI plugs. So, the net hardware cost is marginally lower. But that's 
where the expense probably lies so it's at best marginal and you have to
weigh that against the engineering costs to design the thing in the first

Quite frankly, if I were Gibson and inclined to play games with sheet metal
design, I'd build a floor unit that combined the footswitch with the EDP
guts. That would just work and would be fairly directly marketable to the
crowd that doesn't want to deal with rack equipment. I contemplate
converting one of my units on occasion except that I know nothing about
sheet metal.