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Re: Buy one EDP, get the 2nd for half price!

At 10:54 PM 7/17/2003, Mark Hamburg wrote:
>2 EDPs does not really get you stereo. It gets you close, but it's
>reportedly unreliable with threshold recording

threshold record isn't supported with stereo. we tried to make it work but 
never figured out a way that didn't screw something else up.

>(I've got to go play with
>this and see just how unreliable) and you need to play games to get the
>feedback pedal to work right.

feedback works fine with stereo. it is transmitted by midi from one unit 
the other, so they will both be the same.

If you are using the pedal for some of the interface modes where it 
controls analog volumes (with a vca) instead of feedback, you just use a 
stereo pedal and connect it to both of them.

this whole thread is absurd, by the way.


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