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Re: Repeater powersupplies

Good info Bill!

My email was sent.  Hopefully they'll listen.

Mark Sottilaro

On Saturday, July 19, 2003, at 09:26 AM, William R. Walker, wrote:

>  I would suggest everyone who owns a repeater, email Jordan at IVL
> (jnelson@ivl.com), and ask him whatever happened to IVL's supposed 
> plan to
> do another run of power supplies. I contacted him several months ago 
> and he
> said they were "looking in to it". It may not help, but if enough 
> people
> deluge them with requests, perhaps they will get off their collective 
> rear
> ends, and get to business. Also, I had my power supply repaired by 
> Condor
> Electronics up in Washington, 206-633-5190, the guy there told me that 
> they
> are considering  custom making some repeater power supplies. He said 
> they
> wouldn't be cheap ($70-80) but that is not much to pay for peace of 
> mind if
> the repeater is as vital to your music making as it is to mine.
> peace
> Bill