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Re: Repeater and sync from midi in

At 08:06 AM 03/07/19, Paul Sanders wrote:
> >
> > no, they did it right. You should have your drum machine on a different
> > midi channel from the repeater. clock is global, so it doesn't matter 
> > channel the devices are on for sync to midi clock.
>I don't consider that *right*. The RIGHT way to do it would be to develop
>such that this like this wouldn't cause obscure problems for people who
>don't happen to know.

hee hee (LOL for Mark's benefit)

>What about the case where a person is sending MIDI
>program changes to the beat box via a MIDI foot controller that only
>supports one midi channel (like the multitude of FCB1010 users might be
>doing, and I would be doing if I hadn't taken the 1010 back)? They are 

If the repeater and beat box were on different channels you would still be 
able to get clock from one to the other and be able to use a dumb 
controller to send program changes to the beat box.

The FCB1010 IS able to send multiple messages on independent channels.