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Re: Repeater and sync from midi in

At 11:06 AM -0400 7/19/03, Paul Sanders wrote:
>I don't consider that *right*. The RIGHT way to do it would be to develop
>such that this like this wouldn't cause obscure problems for people who
>don't happen to know.

While I agree that things should be as intuitive as they can be for a 
given feature set, I don't think that ignorance should be glorified.

In this case the confusion could be avoided by what would be learned in 
MIDI 101. MIDI channels are pretty basic stuff.

[re: using MIDI notes for pitch change]
>but since they chose not to do this they
>should have plastered an unmissable caveat in the manual about it!

I guess that they expected you to read the section on MIDI from page 33 to 
38. The answer to your misunderstanding, while not exactly stated as "an 
unmissable caveat", can certainly be found in this section.

>This is the perspective of a guy who's been a software developer in a 
>where things have to work correctly and robustly (high end commercial Unix

But do you expect people who run your software on these systems to be able 
to run it without understanding it, or at least something of the *nix 
world? No, you probably assume a basic understanding of *nix. You probably 
assume the users of your software will read the documentation or at least 
the man page, no? And even in your documentation you probably don't have 
anything to cover the case of "Gee, I did a 'chmod 0000 your_program' and 
now it doesn't run".


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