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Resetting all loops on Brothersync'ed EDPs the easy way

Supposing you've got two EDPs connected via Brothersync acting as 
synchronized mono loopers, not as a stereo pair.  What's the quickest 
way to reset both of them completely without cycling the power.  After 
I've been using them for a while (each one is set to two loops), I'll 
decide that I want to clear everything out.  I thought that a long 
Record followed by a long Multiply on each machine would do it, but 
that's not always the case.  As a result, when I go to start recording 
my new "base" loop (the first one that determines the minimum cycle 
length and musical foundation of the piece), instead of going instantly 
into record when I press the Record button, it goes into the waiting 
mode, like it's waiting for a startpoint from the other machine.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?  I'm using a stereo cable for 
Brothersync, it's set to Out on both machines, and I'm using an EDP 
foot controller (not a MIDI controller), and the 4.0 software and I'm 
not noticing other problems.