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Re: Resetting all loops on Brothersync'ed EDPs the easy way

>At 03:44 PM 7/19/2003, Travis wrote:
>Supposing you've got two EDPs connected via Brothersync acting as 
>synchronized mono loopers, not as a stereo pair.  What's the quickest way 
>to reset both of them completely without cycling the power.

Doing a global reset on both is quickest. Instant if you use midi.

>After I've been using them for a while (each one is set to two loops), 
>I'll decide that I want to clear everything out.  I thought that a long 
>Record followed by a long Multiply on each machine would do it,

that's right.

>but that's not always the case.  As a result, when I go to start 
>my new "base" loop (the first one that determines the minimum cycle 
>and musical foundation of the piece), instead of going instantly into 
>record when I press the Record button, it goes into the waiting mode, 
>it's waiting for a startpoint from the other machine.

I wasn't able to reproduce that. both of them always reset the sync 
whenever I did a reset or a global reset on both. You'll need to give more 
information about what you are doing, like parameter settings, exact 
sequence of events etc.

In any case, if a unit is receiving sync while in reset you should see a 
time displayed in the LoopTime window, the tempo LEDs should be flashing, 
and the sync indicator LED will blink each time a brother pulse comes. If 
you are not getting all that then it has nothing to do with sync. Another 
important thing you will see is the Overdub LED comes on Orange. When a 
unit is reset and sync is present, this indicates the Overdub button has a 
special function of "ignore sync". If you press the Overdub button, the 
echoplex will ignore the incoming sync and you can freely record any 
length. Maybe this will be helpful if you find yourself in situations 
there is a mysterious sync coming and you need to start a new loop without 


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