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Re: Buy one EDP, get the 2nd for half price!

At 11:27 AM 7/19/2003, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>On Friday, July 18, 2003, at 11:08 PM, Kim Flint wrote:
>>this whole thread is absurd, by the way.
>Absurd because a hardware stereo looper will never be a viable product in 
>our lifetimes, or absurd because Gibson has no plans to ever further 
>develop the EDP (beyond making it CE compliant)?

sorry, didn't mean stereo was absurd.

Absurd because tacking two echoplexes together in the same chassis would 
a high assembly cost, while reducing the volumes for each variant. So the 
overall cost of this one frankenstein unit would be more than the cost of 
two of the current units which reduces the profit margin. It would also 
increase the cost of the existing unit. There is no reason to do it, the 
economics don't make sense.

Some of you guys continue to make the mistake of thinking the price you 
for things relates to the cost to make it.


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