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RE: All Access CC assignment

i assume you are talking about the cc pedal inputs...
you have to set the pedal for global pedals or per patch

i sold my allaccess and i forget which page it's on,
but i'm pretty sure it's in the setup page where you  
set global/perpreset for the instant access switches,
and you just scroll to pedal1 or pedal2 
(i think you can set this separately so one is global and
one changes per preset)

excellent pedal, btw.  too bad they never made a pc editor
program for it...

>Hi, i have this problems and seeing as there seems to be a few users 
>around here
>Im struggling to assign different CC assignment on a per patch basis, 
>i know it can be done >becuase i contacted roktron before i bought the 
>damn thing, however whenever i change the >>>valueit is assigned to it 
>changes globally. Any idea what i am doing wrong ?
>David Swain