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Reaktor 4 as gtr processor

david coffin sent me a "demo cd" of
his explorations of using the Reaktor 4 as a gtr processor.
if you love effects mangling and have a computer, that
sounds like the route to go!!! (i don't have a home
computer so i guess i can only dream...).

the filters sound incredible, as does the pitch shifting
and delays. it really does some incredible guitar mangling,
to the point that you wonder if it's guitar anymore, b/c
it sounds like keyboard exploration. but that's stuff
i like (for some strange reason). at times some of the
effects sound similar to what i've seen henry kaiser do
w/ his eventide h3000 processor w/ the band pass effects,
etc... and i think from the sheet that david sent w/ the
"demo cd" says that some of the plugins are based
on eventide effects. so if you have an eventide unit maybe
you don't need to do sound processing w/ software? but
i will say that david's cd definately shows what reaktor
4 can do w/ guitar in processing, etc.