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RE: Reaktor 4 as gtr processor

Very interesting! I've heard others say similar things. Does someone
know if Reactor has an implementation for external midi control of all
parameters? I'm thinking that it might be cool to use live. A laptop
instead of a rectifier, that's something ;-) 

--> Question of latency:
I have been playing with a POD 1 and I think it sucks because of the
latency. I am also finding the latency in the Repeater hard to coup with
when not putting it in a loop to keep the instruments direct signal. Has
someone here measured the latency of the POD 1 and the Repeater? I'm
just curious, since I'm not a "tech guy" myself. So if someone can
confirm that, let's say, "the Repeater has a 30 milliseconds (or
whatever) latency to the direct input signal", then I would get at least
something to hold on to. 

Experience of latency is a very personal thing and I prefer small stages
when playing with a band mostly for the timing. Or a good backline
engineer, if that is available ;-)

Speaking about playing live with a lap top (or a mini PC) you can of
course sidestep the latency problem by putting it in a loop. But it
would really be cool not having to do that because of the sound mangling
potentials of Reactor 4.

Best wishes

Per Boysen
---> www.boysen.se
---> www.looproom.com
Next gig:
28 July, Stockholm Jazz Festival
05 Aug 13.00, Umeå, Noliamässan 

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Scott Hansen [mailto:scott-a-hansen@uiowa.edu] 
> Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2003 4:34 PM
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: Reaktor 4 as gtr processor
> david coffin sent me a "demo cd" of
> his explorations of using the Reaktor 4 as a gtr processor. 
> WOW! if you love effects mangling and have a computer, that 
> sounds like the route to go!!! (i don't have a home computer 
> so i guess i can only dream...).
> the filters sound incredible, as does the pitch shifting
> and delays. it really does some incredible guitar mangling,
> to the point that you wonder if it's guitar anymore, b/c
> it sounds like keyboard exploration. but that's stuff
> i like (for some strange reason). at times some of the
> effects sound similar to what i've seen henry kaiser do
> w/ his eventide h3000 processor w/ the band pass effects, 
> etc... and i think from the sheet that david sent w/ the 
> "demo cd" says that some of the plugins are based on eventide 
> effects. so if you have an eventide unit maybe you don't need 
> to do sound processing w/ software? but i will say that 
> david's cd definately shows what reaktor 4 can do w/ guitar 
> in processing, etc.
> s---
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