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Repeater latency

On Tuesday, July 22, 2003, at 08:10  AM, Per Boysen wrote:
> --> Question of latency:
> I have been playing with a POD 1 and I think it sucks because of the
> latency. I am also finding the latency in the Repeater hard to coup 
> with
> when not putting it in a loop to keep the instruments direct signal. 
> Has
> someone here measured the latency of the POD 1 and the Repeater?

You guys must have amazing powers of perception.  I've never found the 
Repeater to be awkward to use in terms of latency.  Back when I as beta 
testing v. 1.1 of the software, I did a test.  I captured a loop of a 
drum machine and had them then play together.  I did notice a slight 
phase shift, but no where near 20ms I'm sure.  At that point it starts 
to sound like a doubling.  I think I read that Kim did a similar test 
on the EDP and got the similar results.

No digital device at this point isn't going to give you some degree of 
latency, but unless you're putting your signal direct into a tube amp 
there's going to be some.  A/D-D/A converters take a little time to 
work and there's the DSP to consider as well.

Mark Sottilaro