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RE: Repeater latency

> On Tuesday, July 22, 2003, at 08:10  AM, Per Boysen wrote:
> > --> Question of latency:

> Back when 
> I as beta 
> testing v. 1.1 of the software, I did a test.  I captured a loop of a 
> drum machine and had them then play together.  I did notice a slight 
> phase shift, but no where near 20ms I'm sure. 
> Mark Sottilaro

Ok, thanks. "Repeater latency somewhere less that 20 ms", then. Good to
know. If I'll ever realise my plans on using a computer for live
tweaking I will do as I have always been doing with midi guitar: Using
the direct sound with a tube amp or similar and putting Reactor in a
send loop. Then I'd like an expression pedal to morph between direct
sound (amplifyer) and Reactor sound (live manipulated by loads of
FCB1010's) ;-)

I've been into software beta testing as well and I'm under the
impression that keyboard musicians are more tolerant to latency than
(percussive) guitar players or drummers are. 

Best wishes

Per Boysen
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