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Re: Repeater and sync from midi in

Hey gang,

Just a bit of constructive critacism, but the problem I had before with 
Paul's statements "...can't make any good music but spacey stuff" (I 
paraphrase) and the "Repeater handles MIDI wrong" is that he seems to 
be prone to absolutes.  I think I'm guilty of this at times too, 
especially when excited or angry.  This gets a lot of people's hackles 
up because this is such a rich and varied forum for new ideas.  I think 
you'll get less flack from people if you learn to use the "IMO" acronym 
a lot more.  "IMHO" if you're feeling charitable.  I try to use it as 
much as possible.

Paul could have said the same thing by saying, "Damn, this MIDI stuff 
is not intuitive to me." (it's not to most people and it's an antique 
protocol from the late 70s) and he would have gotten a ton of support.  
If he had said, "I mainly like music that's about a nice tight groove 
so I need synced loopers." I would have probably chimed in and said, 
"Yeah, that's why the world needs more midi syncable loopers and 

Anyway, no offense intended.  Welcome to the list (again)


Mark Sottilaro