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RE: Reaktor 4 as gtr processor

<<Does someone
know if Reactor has an implementation for external midi control of all

You can very easily give any Reaktor parameter a control panel widget
(knob, slider, etc...if it doesn't already have one), and assign any MIDI
CC to any widget  using the MIDI-learn function; works like a charm....and
you can invert values, limit ranges, group and link controls, etc... In
fact, I'd say that Reaktor towers over any hardware unit I've tried
(including Eventide's, Kurzweil's, tce's, etc.) in terms of configurability
of controllers....want a moving fader, LFO, envelop, BPM-based
step-sequencer, X/Y mouse-pad,  or drawable table/graph for modulating a
parameter, or even switching between presets? Just patch one in. Patch
morphing and randomization is available, too.

<<David, can you post
some examples somewhere? >>

Send me your address for the CD, or follow these Mac.com directions to
listen online to a few tracks:


>From Apple:

To open someone's Public folder:

If you're using Windows XP, use iDisk Utility for Windows to open someone's


folder. To download iDisk Utility for Windows, go to www.mac.com, click the


icon, and then click the iDisk Utility download link.

If you're using Windows 2000, open My Computer, choose Map Network Drive

the Tools menu, then click "Web folder or FTP site." Enter the following as


to add: http://idisk.mac.com/membername-Public? (where "membername" is the

other person's .Mac member name).

If you're using Windows 98, open My Computer, double-click the Web Folders


then double-click Add Web Folder. Enter the following as the location to


idisk.mac.com/membername-Public? (where "membername" is the other person's

.Mac member name).

If you're using Mac OS X version 10.1 or later, choose Connect To Server


Finder's Go menu and type http://idisk.mac.com/membername-Public (where

"membername" is the person's .Mac member name). If the Public folder is


with a password, type "public" in the username field and type the Public

password in the password field.

If you're using Mac OS 9.x, choose Chooser from the Apple menu, then click

AppleShare. Click the Server IP Address button, type "idisk.mac.com" in the


Address field, then click Connect. Type the other user's member name and


Public folder password, then click Connect. If the user doesn't have a


password, type "public" in the Password field. Select the user's iDisk and

click OK.


My membername is

nonstaining, and there's no password on the folder.

(I took advantage of the 60-day free trial on mac.com to post these, so
these won't be there for long...maybe another 30 days? (I was

<<Do you know how he connects by any chance? >>

I'm using a new G4 and OSX to run Reaktor and patch into and out of it
using a Mackie 1604vlz, and an M-Audio Audiophile pci card; I'm stereo
only, but you can get up to 16 i/o channels in Reaktor if your audio
card/whatever supports it. I don't notice any latency....but I'm not really
sensitive to that...definitely under 10ms, tho.