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Re: Repeater latency

I don't know if they fixed things in v 1.1 a little or my method of 
measuring isn't accurate, but I just did a measure of my own and 
measured it at 11 ms.

Here's how I did it.  I've got the Repeater in the effect loop of my 
board.  I didn't mute the dry output, so I had signal going directly 
into my MOTU 828 and another version going into the Repeater.  In this 
case it was actually passing through a Lexicon MPX1 too, so I'm not 
sure how much that adds, if any.

Is this horrible for a digital device?  I know they talk about MIDI 
latency in the range of 4 ms being really good.  I see computer PCI 
audio cards talking about 6 ms latency being good.

Again, I hear a lot of good music made with the Repeater and it works 
for me the way it is, I'm just trying to figure out what a decent spec 
would be.

Mark Sottilaro

On Tuesday, July 22, 2003, at 01:04 PM, Kim Flint wrote:
> The annoying thing about the Repeater is the direct through audio has 
> a noticeable latency. I measured it at 12.5ms on my scope. For me that 
> is perceptible, but it may not be for everybody. In use I think I can 
> adapt to it, but it is annoying since my ears are telling me the sound 
> source is a particular distance, yet the extra delay doesn't fit with 
> that.