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Re: The doors of perception (was Re: Repeater latency)

On Wednesday, July 23, 2003, at 07:34 PM, Nic Roozeboom wrote:
> Delay can be compensated for (e.g. start earlier, mentally perceive as 
> something a bit farther away) - latency cannot.

Good point, I tested the Repeater about 5 times last night and got the 
same numbers each time.  I guess that is lag or delay.

> For example, the Repeater's latency for the Start button may result in 
> delayed action, between zero and something, depending on how often its 
> operating system polls the state of its buttons. True?

That's not what we're measuring, but sure.  What we're measuring is 
simply the extra time it takes audio to pass through the Repeater.  It 
didn't seem to matter whether or not I was playing a loop, I always 
ended up with a 11 ms difference between my straight signal and the 
signal that passed through the Repeater.  I must admit that I also had 
it going through a Lexicon MPX1 (on bypass) so I'm not sure if that had 
any effect on my numbers.  I could take it apart and do it again but 
that's too much work and I don't care all that much.

>  But carry on, anyway<image.tiff>

I'm carrying.

Mark Sottilaro