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Re: semi-OT:Claude review/ted's repsonse...etc

on 7/23/03 10:26 AM, ArsOcarina@aol.com at ArsOcarina@aol.com wrote:

> The kind words of colleagues and/or friends are ALWAYS truly appreciated!
> Nothing can take the place of the good feeling of having a sense that 
>you are
> even "somewhat" esteemed by your peers. However, a semi-positive quotable
> line or two by a professional critic from even a minor print publication 
>or a
> notable e-zine is ten times more useful in the long run -- in getting 
> generating interest and a modicum of local, regional, national 
> and in being taken (at least a little bit, heheh) semiseriously.

I just got Kim Flint to give me a quote and it didn't even cost a CD.

    "Another goddamn ambient guitar album." - Kim Flint

I haven't quite figured out how to use that in any marketing, however.