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RE: latency issues

-----Original Message-----
From: Andreas Willers [mailto:A.Willers@t-online.de] 

> Will try different latency immulations with a delay unit 
> later today to try the difference between 0, 4ms and 11ms etc.

> Andreas Willers 

Interesting! Please post your findings :-) I've always been curious
about the human perception of timing. What is the smallest delay you can
perceive? From layering multiple percussive sounds on the computer I
know that extremely small delays have a great musical impact on how we
perceive the "colour" or "shape" of the sound. Seems like the brain has
a kind of mechanism that analyses the attack and then files it down into
a category like "sharp hit", "soft hit", "ummphy hit" or whatever. And
what happens then is that, depending on that initial attack, you
percieve the rest of the sound a certain way. Like there was some
"Altivec" or "SSE2" function built into the brain ;-)

However I missed the working live musician perspective in your post
regarding RPT latency. I've been touring as a hired musician for periods
and one thing you discover under such conditions is how quickly you
actually adapt to a different "latency" situation. Here I'm talking
about the acoustics of small vs huge stages and different positioning of
live  monitoring systems. After much live playing I really did not like
to play with headphones in the studio because there was "no latency" -
i.e. me being used to play three meters away from my guitar amp and five
meters away from the drummer.

I also think this confusion with timing and latency is more common among
guitar players since we rely on loud amplification which is in essence a
great part of "the instrument". When out gigging as a saxophonist I
never even think about these matters. Either the monitoring system is
good and I get my own floor speaker or we play so soft that I can hear
my sax rather well acoustically.

BTW I too had that horrible feeling when plugging into the Repeater for
the fist time. But again, this latency is easily fixed by "direct mute"
and putting the RPT in a send loop.

Best wishes

Per Boysen
---> www.boysen.se
---> www.looproom.com
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