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latency issues

Title: latency issues
o.k., I worked for years on getting my timing right ON and any device that corrupts my original signal tonewise and soundwise gets kicked out period. When I first plugged into the RPT (OS 1.1) I thought my hands were numb or my brain plopped or something, it was that bad. Thank god you can mute the dry signal, but my trust in this thing was immediately shattered. Incredible to think that someone might not notice. It's probably like hearing: once you have your ear training covered your tolerance to bad intonation goes way down. So although I liked some of it's features, the RPT didn't stand a chance as a part of my rig. No problems of this sort with any other looper I tried, tho. Will try different latency immulations with a delay unit later today to try the difference between 0, 4ms and 11ms etc.
Andreas Willers

>  So how far away is 12.5 ms?  I know that it's really simple math,
> though
> I'm unsure as to how much of a second is a ms.  Is it .001?

Yup.  I measure the Repeater's latency to be .0011 ms.  Kim got a
little higher, but maybe with the first OS things were a bit worse
(they sure were!)  I'm pretty sure my method was accurate and I tried
it several times.

> If so, then the perceived distance is a little over 14 feet away, or
> 4.3 meters (assuming 68 degrees F or 20 degrees C).  Huh, I guess this
> puts things in a perspective of sorts.  I try to keep my onstage
> monitors about 4 feet away from my head, and on the same plane (3.5 ms
> latency through the air).

Great way to look at it.  Makes me realize I'm not crazy to not be
effected by the 11 ms latency I'm getting.  When I play shows my
speakers are often at least 14 ft away from where I'm playing and it
doesn't trip up my sense of timing.  (Hey drummer, can you move a bit
closer, I'm getting lag between the light I'm seeing and what I'm
hearing, thanks!) Maybe my brain just compensates for everything as
brains are good at sometimes.  Apple brags a possible < 4 ms latency in
MIDI with OSX which I'm assuming is better than most.  Man, I'm so used
to MIDI and MIDI guitar and computers my idea of "real time" has become
very lax.