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Re: Repeater - "conditional stop"

In a message dated 7/27/03 7:22:49 AM Pacific Daylight Time, tiktok@sprintmail.com writes:

There was, I believe, an Akai rackmount box that would act as a "MIDI"
delay with hold.

That Akai box is a total yawn, imo. Only one second of slapback delay (no repeat or feedback of any kind), no hold. No use!

Does anyone know of a device that encoded midi into an audio tone so it could be recorded to an audio cassette (or other recorder) and then decoded back to midi, making the cassette machine a crude sequencer? It seems I dimly remember such a (cheap!) device flashing by for a millisecond. If something like that was available, it might be possible to do "something" with a bunch of them and a bunch of digital delays (you couldn't use any audio feedback on the delays, though) and midi mergers. Such a thing would be basic and crude, no frills, but one might get the most basic live midi looping (tm) function going.


Tim F