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Re: Kenna

Travis wrote:

> There was, I believe, an Akai rackmount box that would act as a "MIDI"
> delay with hold.
> Personally I suspect there's not much market for it.  Whenever I've
> described what some might call "Live Looping" to a keyboardist, they
> get a puzzled look and say something like "Couldn't you just do the
> same thing in a sequencer program with cut and paste?"  The
> live/real-time part doesn't tickle their fancy the way it does with
> guitarists.  Big generalisations, I know, but that's my perception.
> Another sweeping statement: I'm always slightly surprised (pleasantly)
> when I see keyboards on stage with a local band, but I can count the
> number of guitar-less bands I've seen in the last decade on one hand
> (and for anyone looking to flame me on this, know that I play guitar
> and keyboards in my band).  Many synths are being bought, but I wonder
> if they're seeing most of their use in studio-type situations where
> they're always connected to a full-featured recording/sequencing
> program, which diminishes a lot of the "need" for and EDP-type device.
> Also, you'd have the MIDI-unique problems of voice stealing (once your
> loops got dense), plus figuring out what happens when you change
> patches on your synth.  If you want the loop to retain the timbre
> present when you recorded it, things get pretty complicated.
> TravisH
> On Sunday, July 27, 2003, at 07:06 AM,
> Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com wrote:
> >
> > Speaking of midi loopers, I continue to be amazed that no-one has
> > created a box that does EDP/Repeater-style looping for Midi.  It seems
> > a
> > much easier task than looping audio.  Is there a perception that
> > there's
> > no market for it?  Or is there something out there of which I'm not
> > aware?  (please, please, please say "yes" !!!!)

I'm primarily a guitarist as well, however I'm into a lot of guitar-less
music.  Last week on Carson Daly's late night show, Kenna performed.  The
band consisted of Kenna on vocals, a drummer, and two keyboardists and it
was awesome.  Lots of great keyboard sounds and vocal harmonies and the 
rocked, I went and bought his album "New Sacred Cow" the next day and it's 
fantastic listen.  Chad from the Neptunes produced it.