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Re: Repeater - "conditional stop"

There was, I believe, an Akai rackmount box that would act as a "MIDI" 
delay with hold.

Personally I suspect there's not much market for it.  Whenever I've 
described what some might call "Live Looping" to a keyboardist, they 
get a puzzled look and say something like "Couldn't you just do the 
same thing in a sequencer program with cut and paste?"  The 
live/real-time part doesn't tickle their fancy the way it does with 
guitarists.  Big generalisations, I know, but that's my perception.

Another sweeping statement: I'm always slightly surprised (pleasantly) 
when I see keyboards on stage with a local band, but I can count the 
number of guitar-less bands I've seen in the last decade on one hand 
(and for anyone looking to flame me on this, know that I play guitar 
and keyboards in my band).  Many synths are being bought, but I wonder 
if they're seeing most of their use in studio-type situations where 
they're always connected to a full-featured recording/sequencing 
program, which diminishes a lot of the "need" for and EDP-type device.

Also, you'd have the MIDI-unique problems of voice stealing (once your 
loops got dense), plus figuring out what happens when you change 
patches on your synth.  If you want the loop to retain the timbre 
present when you recorded it, things get pretty complicated.


On Sunday, July 27, 2003, at 07:06 AM, 
Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com wrote:

> Speaking of midi loopers, I continue to be amazed that no-one has
> created a box that does EDP/Repeater-style looping for Midi.  It seems 
> a
> much easier task than looping audio.  Is there a perception that 
> there's
> no market for it?  Or is there something out there of which I'm not
> aware?  (please, please, please say "yes" !!!!)