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RE: RE: latency issues

Title: RE: RE: latency issues
>> Will try different latency immulations with a delay unit
>> later today to try the difference between 0, 4ms and 11ms etc.

>Per wrote: Interesting! Please post your findings :-)

Hej Per, I just set up my G-Force for a single delay, 100% wet, no feedback. Dialing in 12 msec of delay gave my guitar that RPT-land at an instant, like playing in dow. It starts to get better at below 8ms, at below 4ms to zero it's not a big deal IMO. There seems to be something not quite right in the treble region of the attack even with very low delay times (1 and 2ms), just like you mentioned.

>Per wrote: However I missed the working live musician perspective in your post
>regarding RPT latency. I've been touring as a hired musician for periods
>and one thing you discover under such conditions is how quickly you
>actually adapt to a different "latency" situation. Here I'm talking
>about the acoustics of small vs huge stages and different positioning of
>live  monitoring systems. After much live playing I really did not like
>to play with headphones in the studio because there was "no latency" -
>i.e. me being used to play three meters away from my guitar amp and five
>meters away from the drummer.

Well, as a working musician a)I prefer to play as soft as the music and the environment allows (the less monitoring the better) and b) I try to stand as close to my fellow musicians as possible. It feels better and keeps the music tight. And you are right, with growing experience you can adjust your playing better. I used to be afraid of going into the old studio of the Berlin radio station because it was a converted chamber music hall with rather wet acoustics for time playing, but meanwhile I've got used to it.

Best, Andreas Willers