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Re: The doors of perception (was Re: Repeater latency)

>>In my understanding, one only refers to latency when it involves a time 
>>interval during which there is uncertainty.
>no, that's wrong. what you are referring to is jitter, as Chris explained

No, I was referring to latency (not jitter) as offset from delay. I didn't 
throw jitter into the discussion, I was making a distinction between 
and delay. Granted both jitter and latency are concepts involving timing 
uncertainty, however fundamentally different. Delay is far more simple, 
the measurements under discussion were all about delay (not latency, not 
jitter). But, it's all just a matter of convention - if you have no use 
the conventional distinction in terminology, by all means disregard it. 
Doing so however would not garner much credibility in an engineering 

>If it doesn't bother you, by all means go forth and be happy. We won't 
>condemn you because you have no sense of rhythm.

Now, how did THAT enter this discussion?


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