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RE: midi looper

i think you guys are missing a few things when you ask
for overdub and feedback control in a midi looper.  

even if your midilooper pairs note-on to note-off, 
the receiving devices generally won't be able to do this. 
many problems will result from this. 

here's a few:

        when you overdub and play a note that is already in 
        the loop, the next note off will stop it, even if you 
        are still holding it.

        overlapping note-on/note-off pairs with the same note 
        number will result in chopped-off notes.

        if you have feedback set to less than 100% and a note in
        the loop is fading, if you play that note again, the new 
        notes velocity will be hijacked by the next note that was 
        fading.  (this is kind of hard to describe)

overdubbing continuous controllers will make a mess as each new 
controller move would interleave with the moves in the loop,
causing toggling effects. (as cool as they may sound, they w

things like this will make it difficult to use.

now, just the ability to set a loop length and have tempo
derived with two button presses, like edp users does, would
still be very useful...