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Re: midi looper

> Interesting, but other than the fact that I have to specify the length
> of my loops, when I loop on my sequencer I don't have an issue with
> this.  Could be because the sequencer has it's own sound source and
> isn't using MIDI internally.

The XL-7 >is< using midi internally - midi is a data, as well as a physical
communication protocol.

Are you layering notes at all? It's layering that will confuse everything.
(Or rather, the layering of note offs). Not all synths will necessarily
behave the way that is described, though I suspect most will.

> That would actually make a lot of sense
> for "grooveboxes" and the like.  Why limit yourself with MIDI until you
> reach the outside world?  I could, of course, but totally wrong.  All I
> know is that I'm seemingly able to hold a note at the start of a phrase
> and release it somewhere in it's 2nd iteration with no issues other
> than the sound will stop the first time until it gets to the first
> event stop.  After that it seems to play a perfect loop.

Which means that unison notes are all being stopped together by one note

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