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RE: midi looper

Mark Sottilaro said: What's the big deal about defining loop length?  Ever
since I've looped with a JamMan synced to a MIDI clock I've had to preset
how many beats my loop was going to be and I never, ever found it to be a
limitation.  In fact, I think it's a kind of nice structure.  Like picking
out a length of tape and then dealing with it.

My thoughts: WindowingT with the EDP is all about redefining loop length.  
have lots of fun changing meters with the EDP I use for percussion.
BTW, I alerted Harvey Starr to the thread and expect him to start auditing
this list (perhaps . . .) so I would appreciate it if anyone with the
information would talk about how the EDP determines BPM by loop size.  I am
afraid I am more of a guitar player than an engineer . . .
PS  Has anyone got a report on the new DigiDelay X-series stomp box by
DigiTech?  I wonder . . . they don't cost much--