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RE: midi looper

> My thoughts: WindowingT with the EDP is all about redefining 
> loop length.  

windowing is about keeping the loop length and moving the start point.
long press of undo moves the start/end points in loop-sized increments, 
short press allows moving it to the middle of a loop, but the size stays 
the same in both cases.

it's lots of fun.

> BTW, I alerted Harvey Starr to the thread and expect him to start 
>auditing this list (perhaps . . .) so I would appreciate it if anyone 
>with the information would talk about how the EDP determines BPM by loop 

there is a parameter called 8ths per cycle.  once a loop is created, bpm
is calculated using loop length and the 8ths per cycle setting.  
i'm assuming it uses the formula: 
i'm sure it would be optimized to avoid all the divides, though. 
as i recall it, there was no fpu on the 68000...