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Re: which multi effects box ?

> > ***I have roughly $1k to spend on a device that should do: JamMan
> > style looping, multi-tap midi clock synch, in reverb one of the
> > flavors should be infinite, and assorted stomp box style overdirve
> > effects as well as all the other effects one gets in a multi-unit***

The good old Lexicon LXP-15 has a pretty nice envelope/cc controlled
infinite verb. Great verbs as well among other great algorythyms, and they
can be found for about $200-$300 bucks. It has 4 or 5 cv/exped inputs on 
rear, meaning you don't really have to midi it up. Very intuitive user i/f
as well.

One algorythym allows you smooth glitch-free cc/exped control of delay time
as well.

Drawbacks are it's very deep in the rack and heavy (built-in power supply)
are the downside. I loved the couple I owned, and will repurchase one
sometime soon.

So you have $700-$800 bucks left for the looper and guitar sounds with this

Happy hunting!
Miko Biffle | biffoz@arczip.com
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