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Lexicon MPX G2 and Preamp FS


I just had some bad dental luck.  I had gone in to have a root canal 
started and an old (but until today holding) crack in the tooth gave 
away and I had to loose it. (what's the opposite of LOL?  BHH?) Now I'm 
going to need a bridge.  Take me to the bridge. <sigh>  I'm the one 
that's been crowing about the G2 and the Rocktron Piranha.  Since I 
have a Digitech 2120 that I like (but does not have much resale value) 
I'm going to lose the MPX G2/Piranha combo.

I haven't had them very long and they're in *perfect* condition.  
Neither has seen a gig or been out of the studio.  So claim the 
previous owners as well and I believe them.  Before I throw them up on 
ebay I figure I'll give loopers first shot.  $1000 for the G2 (includes 
the MPX R1 controller) and $350 for the Rocktron Piranha.  If you buy 
the combo I'll do them both for $1300 and throw in shipping to the 
continental US.

I've got good ebay feedback only and people here know me well... some 
of them are probably still using my JamMan and other stuff I've sold!

Mark Sottilaro

On Tuesday, July 29, 2003, at 02:31 PM, Michael O'Reilly wrote:

> Hello loopers
> I was referred to the list by Michael Brook - Knowing only that he 
> used multi-tap delays I emailed him to ask how he synched his delays 
> to music (he uses midi clock). While that may be well known to many of 
> you as an efficient way to spend more time performing than knob 
> twiddling, it just shows how much I don't know. I reviewed some of the 
> products, but thought it might be more efficient to ask the list
> ***I have roughly $1k to spend on a device that should do: JamMan 
> style looping, multi-tap midi clock synch, in reverb one of the 
> flavors should be infinite, and assorted stomp box style overdirve 
> effects as well as all the other effects one gets in a multi-unit***
> Is this too much to expect ? should I be looking at being able to do 
> all these things by buying separate units ? If folx cannot reccomend 
> one multi-effects unit, perhaps they can mention one unti that does 
> one of the things mentioned above (looping, infinite reverb, multi-tap 
> midi clock synch, guitar overdrive, etc) and do it well ?
> Thanks
> Michael O'Reilly
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