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Re: European/British Isles Loop Tour comes to an end

Welcome back Rick!  I bet your bed looks awfully comfy right now!  This 
list has surely missed you, I know I have.

Mark Sottilaro

On Wednesday, July 30, 2003, at 06:53 PM, Rick Walker/Loop.pooL wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> Chris and I returned to Santa Cruz yesterday ending my long and 
> exhilirating
> live looping tour of 8 countries in Europe and the
> British Isles.
> I had a fantastic summer (despite the rather rocky start that the tour 
> had
> back in May) and it was so inspiring to get to meet and play and hang 
> out
> with the incredibly talented live loopers that I visited in each place.
> Someone on this list posted that the internet does not have the 
> possibility
> to create true and real community and I would love
> to politely disagree with that notion.    This tour would have never 
> ocurred
> without the internet and without this website (and, although we 
> disagree
> philosophically about the whole idea of a live looping movement, Kim 
> Flint,
> I owe especial gratitude to you because being on this site that you 
> have
> created has changed my life..............much for the better..........a
> heartfelt thanks to you)
> I would also like to thank three people especially:
> Luca Formentini,  my Italian brother, for starting this whole crazy 
> notion a
> year ago by inviting me to participate in his
> Experimental Guitar Festival in the beautiful Lago di Garda in Northern
> Italy after only hearing an MP3 of my first ever performance on a 
> guitar at
> the Woodstockhausen festival.     You put the seed in my head and I'm 
> so
> thankful that it germinated.
> Per Boysen, who in producing the his very first tour and the first Live
> Looping tour of Sweden with Matthias Grob, he and I, made it 
> financially
> possible for me to take such a big risk.       Per is a wonderful 
> artist, a
> trusted friend and makes me feel really great about the future of live
> looping in Sweden........................watch out,  Finland, Norway 
> and
> Denmark.................here we come!
> Matthias Grob,  my swiss brother and comrade and 'bandmate' through 
> several
> shows in Sweden, Wales, England and Switzerland.     Learning from the
> inventor of the Echoplex and making music in the middle of the Swiss 
> Alps
> will be one of the highlights of my whole life.      Thanks so much.
> Also,  I would love to thank all the fantastic loopers and artists who 
> were
> so kind and generous with their time and their attention and their 
> artistry:
> Chris and I only spent 5 nights out of 2 months in a hotel because of 
> the
> kindness and generosity of all of these wonderful folks.
> And this doesn't even touch the creativity and committment to live 
> looping
> that hey all embodied.
> Special Thanks and warm hugs have to go out to:
> Paul Marshall (in Belfast, Northern Ireland)
> Gareth Whittock (in Swansea, Wales) for producing the 1st Welsh Live 
> Looping
> Festival
> Steve Lawson (in London, England) for playing with me and introducing 
> me to
> the fabulous Klinker.
> Andrew Ostler (Os) (who produced the 1st Cambridge Loop
> Festival)..................and all the really talented loopers of 
> Cambridge
> Paul Shearsmith (in London, England)    who, although not a live 
> looper,
> took us into his home when he heard that we didn't have a place to 
> stay in
> London (due to that damned pesky cat allergy)
> Stuart Wyatt (in Paris, France)
> April King (in Paris, France)   also not a looper but one hell of an 
> intense
> go getter and scene maker and one of my favorite  students of all time
> Michael Peters (Kurten, Germany)............the first international 
> looper I
> ever met and producer of the 1st Cologne Live Looping Festival
> Leander Reininghaus and Andreas Villers (who produced the 1st Berlin 
> Live
> Looping Festival) and all the wonderful Berlin loopers
> Louis Angulo (my mexicana brother) (in Radolfzell, Germany)
> Claude Voit (in Switzerland)  who drove a long way to attend the 
> Lucerne
> Looping Festival and then later joined me in Lago Di Garda)........ 
> and all
> the other talented Swiss loopers
> Bruno Kleinefeld (in Milan, Italy)
> Massimo Liverani (in Firenze, Italy) who produced the 1st Florence Live
> Looping Festival with a very talented group of Italian loopers
> and again,  Luca Formentini (in Lago di Garda, Italy) the site of my 
> last
> wonderful gig of my tour with he and Claude Voit.
> I have written extensively about my experiences with all of these 
> amazing
> people on my website and , unfortunately,  was unable to get 
> practically any
> FTP uploading to occur on the whole tour.
> I was, consequently, forced to handwrite my tour entries and will be 
> posting
> them as soon as I type them into my computer in the next several days 
> if
> anyone is interested in reading about the tour.
> If you have any interest in contacting these folks or touring in 
> Europe and
> the British Isles (or the Americas or Asia, for that matter)
> I can only advise you to go for it.
> This has been one of the great experiences of my whole life.   I feel 
> so
> grateful to be alive;   so grateful to be associated with this 
> movement and
> with all of the wonderful people in it.
> Oh yes,  and one last incredibly important shout out:
> I would love to thank my loving and intelligent and talented and 
> beautiful
> wife, Chris Wedertz for helping me to do this tour.  I would not have 
> been
> able to accomplish it without her.   From making my website to booking 
> the
> transportation and lodging to schlepping
> the gear on and off trains and subways and ferrys and taxis to rolling
> chords when I was exhausted after gigs or helping me to set up if sound
> checks were rushed,   Chris served me in a way I can only hope to be 
> able to
> emulate when I am her roadie on her next
> solo musical tour.      This tour just wouldn't have occurred if she 
> hadn't
> helped me.   I love her dearly!
> thanks so much.    long live live looping and all the loopers,website 
> owners
> and equipment inventors who make it possible.
> yours,
>  Rick Walker (www.looppool.info)