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Re: eh16 question

> Hello...
> does anyone have an eh16 secon delay?

yeah...me :-)

> in that case,how does the click control works? does it lights a led in 
> with the loop?does it control the click volume?
> thanks

the led @the top of the clock fader blinks in time w/ the click
as you move the fader up the speed increases  and the clix get so close
together it become noise.
there is no control for volume of the click unless you hook a pot or volped
of some kind to the output jack for the clock.
from the owners manual:
the clix click track output(5) appears here. if anything is plugged into
it,the click track is internally disconnected from the audio output
 this may be used to drive programmable rhythm units with a "clock in"
feature, such as the E-H DRM-15."(whatever *that* was...)

 btw i love my <eh16sec ddl>. i bought it when they came out(my 1st looper)
in the early 80s and have been using it on and off since then. it is now a
permanent part of my rig.
nothin like it in the world.