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RE: which multi effects box ?

On 29 Jul 2003 at 17:43, Tim Cooper wrote:

> ***I have roughly $1k to spend on a device that should do: JamMan
> style looping, multi-tap midi clock synch, in reverb one of the

Whilst there's probably such a beast out there, my advice is to keep 
things separate - the biggest drawback to having it in one box means 
you're unlikley to have the facility to change eq/reverb etc whilst 
keeping your loops going. This will seriously limit the development of 
your loops.

I have a JMP1 for basic tone/distortion, a QuadraFX for 
reverb/treatment (superb device, by the way) and a jamman to loop the 
lot. That way I can fade in a completely new sound into the loop, or 
keep an nice ambient wash whilst soloing "dry(ish)" over the top. Each 
device has it's own midi patch selector & the behringer fcb1010 to 
control the reverby FX live.

It also means whenever a new looper or FX comes out, you can slot 
that into your existing setup without too much relearning or sacrificing 
your basic tone..

All the best,

Nick Robinson