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Re: eh16 question


In a message dated 7/30/03 12:36:33 AM, stanitarium@earthlink.net writes:

>btw i love my <eh16sec ddl>. i bought it when they came out (my 1st 
>in the early 80s and have been using it on and off since then. it is now
>a permanent part of my rig. nothin like it in the world.

Just thought I'd pipe in an say that I bought 2 of those things when they
first came out too. I even made a pilgrimage to the factory in NYC (way
back when it was still there) just to meet Mike Matthews personally. Those 
EH 16-Second DDLs were my first digital loopers as well (of any 
delay length). I still occasionally miss 'em. 

I also had the outboard control footswitches so the units themselves were 
always in my rack and never on the floor -- one of the reasons (I suspect) 
that mine lasted me so long. I was able to sell them off for quite a bit 
the time finally came. I had 'em for 15 years and they were still pretty 
darn pristine -- both functionally and cosmetically. 

They were funky and rather lo-fi by today's standards. But they did a lot 
interesting things -- speed switching, modulation, reverse -- that were 
cool and unique (for back then). Anyway, I remember telling Mike Matthews 
on the phone (before I went to meet him) that it was just like having ol'
Robert Fripp in a box. And, now you know the rest of the story. Heheh.

BTW -- At the factory I actually got to see an physical mockup of the 
released EH 64-Second DDL in a glass case in someone's office. I wonder 
what ever happened to that project? Did they ever get it to the working
stage? We'll probably never know. At the time, 64 seconds seemed like
an ungodly amount of delay capacity. 

I'll never regret getting my EDPs though.


tEd  kiLLiAn