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GNX-3/Repeater Questions

Hello. I am a new poster to the list, although I have actually been reading various parts of the entire Looper's Delight site for the last 4 years. I've been looping since 1994, when I got my first Lexicon Jam Man. For most of the 90s, I used to Jam Mans for stereo looping, although I switched to using Echoplex Digital Pro Pluses for stereo looping about a year ago.
Anyhow, I was writing to ask a couple of questions I was having trouble getting answered just by looking through the site and by searching the mailing list archive.
a) I'm thinking about getting a repeater to supplement my EDPs, and I was wondering--does the Repeater do seamless looping if you play an eight bar measure and then, at the end of the eighth bar, you press the record button to start the loop? In other words, does the audio play straight through without any "skipping sounds" or "gaps" in the audio?
By seamless here, I mean simply the sound--I understand that the Repeater will not start the loop and go immediately into overdub mode (like the EDP), making it more like the old Jam Man in this way, which is how some use the term "seamless." My concern is that the looper make no skipping sound if I want to do a "direct loop" this way. This is how I mean to use "seamless" in this context.
I currently own a GNX-3 that was supposed to work as a full-function looper, but it has this problem where it doesn't do the kind of seamless loop to which I refer above unless you set up an empty "dummy track" ahead of time, and then, after the "blank track" is recorded, you can do a "live" seamless loop. Which isn't really live the way I describe it (live to me means the Jam Man or EDP, and possibly the Repeater(?)) . . . 
Someone on the Digitech site suggested the "dummy track" solution I just mentioned, and he made it sound like people had to do the same thing on the Repeater to get it to work right with this type of seamless loop . . .this is why I needed to ask. Smiley emoticon
b) Anyone else out there using the GNX-3 for looping? I haven't seen much about it on this Web site (no reviews, for example), and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on it?
The lack of seamless looping on it as a default setting is somewhat annoying, although I can work around it. Or maybe I'm just missing something in set up and you can actually get it to do it?
David Durian