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RE: GNX-3/Repeater Questions

> So, do you have the same problem with the GNX-3 inserting that
> "skipping noise" at the beginning of your loops?

haven't noticed it, but like i said i haven't used the looper
much after realizing it wasn't a "real" looper
will play with it a bit.  are you sure it isn't just
inaccurate button pushes or latency in the button pushes?
i noticed switching patches has a bit of latency (quite annoying)

> Yeah, I downloaded the 1.4 upgrade hoping it would fix all the 
> looping issues, but alas, no it doesn't.
downloaded it but have yet to install it.
looks like it comes in a binhex type format, and
the the drums are separate files.
might be cool to muck around with those a bit...