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Re: GNX-3/Repeater Questions

I did some more researching after I wrote this morning. Apparently, tt's got something to do with the roll-in and quantize features. According to one of the Digitech support guys, you have to use roll-in and quantize to avoid the problem. Because you have to use quantize, whatever loop you're planning to record has to be at the bpm for which the loop is set. So, if you have an eight-bar pattern, and it's in 140 bpm, and you set up the looper before hand to count 140 bpm . . . it actually will work without the skipping noise (I did it last night).
However, I was hoping to just be able to use it to loop, without having to worry about such issues (like you can on the EDP or Jam Man). Since it is called a "Jam Man" looper, I guess I expected it to actually work like a Jam Man (instead of what it actually appears to work like--a low grade repeater (?)).
So . . . it will work, it's just that you have to plan out everything ahead of time. And, as you may have noticed, every time you try to record a new loop, you have to reset all the recorder features (stereo input, song repeat off, etc) using the set up key. Which can get tedious . . .
If you want to put in all this work ahead of time to get it to do what you want, it seems like it could actually work fine for some applications. It's just that I wanted to be able to plug and play without those issues. I guess I just got spoiled by the architecture of the EDPs and Jam Mans.
 . . . I'm going to return my tonight, regardless of seeing that it has some potential if you work around the quantize issues, because it has another issue that I don't really like anyway--it appears to be summing the stereo signal I'm trying to pass through it when I put it in bypass mode.
So, if I don't want some kind of GNX3 effect on top of the effects I'm trying to run from my 2101, I can't get "real stereo" to work right coming out of the 2101 when I pass the signal to my EDPs through the GNX3. If I record something with by pass on using the GNX3, it will playback in "real stereo" via the GNX3 once it's recorded, but it just doesn't come out that way as it goes into the loop when I'm first recording it on the GNX3.
Yeah, it is a bit like torture.
So, Mark or anyone else using the Repeater . . .does it have any of these quantize problems?
Thanks again,
----- Original Message -----
From: Jim Palmer
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 2:44 PM
Subject: RE: GNX-3/Repeater Questions

> So, do you have the same problem with the GNX-3 inserting that
> "skipping noise" at the beginning of your loops?

haven't noticed it, but like i said i haven't used the looper
much after realizing it wasn't a "real" looper
will play with it a bit.  are you sure it isn't just
inaccurate button pushes or latency in the button pushes?
i noticed switching patches has a bit of latency (quite annoying)

> Yeah, I downloaded the 1.4 upgrade hoping it would fix all the
> looping issues, but alas, no it doesn't.
downloaded it but have yet to install it.
looks like it comes in a binhex type format, and
the the drums are separate files.
might be cool to muck around with those a bit...