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which multi effects box

Thanks posters - you have given me a _great_ deal to think about - I feel 
like I am on solid ground getting my head around all this. this is a great 

My only experience with infinite reverb was a lexicon device (the model of 
which I _cannot_ for the life of me remember) that I worked with in a 
recording studio in 1987 (!). It had big ol LED's for the delay time. You 
could go to liek 99 and then turn it one more notch (the LED would show 
dashes) and whatever was in the reverb would be sustained like a chord - 
a great time with that (does this description ring a bell for anyone ?) - 
could probably get one of these cheap n ebay if I knew whihc one it was

Though it sounds like I would probably be able to create something similar 
(via a different workflow/set up) with the EDP which of course came out on 
top followed by the G-force and then the MPX G2.

No word from M.Brook after I thanked him for the referral and asked him 
he was working on - which of course is not surprising - I don't think he 
on the list but knows of it.

thanks again

Michael O'Reilly

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